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Transmission fluid is not like engine oil. It is not exposed to blow by and by products of combustion. It does not see copius amounts of water from blowby on coldstarts. There is not much to deplete the lubricating characteristics of the trans oil and the antiwear and special friction modifier packages are very robust and stable. The temperature of the transmission fluid is pretty carefully controlled in the cooling development for the car. About the only thing that will shorten the transmission fluid's life is excessive heat and excessive heat for long periods of time. Since the modern transmission fluid has a high synthetic content it is pretty stable even at temps approaching 300°F. So...the things that govern a oil change in an engine do NOT apply to the transmission. Not at all.

The transmission fluid life "counter" in the display uses the transmission temperature as a means of judging the transmission fluid life. As long as nothing is done that the algorithm sees to shorten the life of the fluid it will stay at 100% virtually forever. If you start towing trailers or running extended heavy load operation you will see the transmission fluid life decrement fairly rapidly. If it is "stuck" on 100% then that means that the operating parameters that the PCM sees for the transmission fluid have all remained well within the guidelines for life time use of the transmission fluid. The transmission oil life monitor does not operate the same way the engine oil life monitor operates so you will typically see it stay at 100% in most cases.