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The best thing for the car and engine is to start it up and drive it. Period. Idling for warmup is completely unnecessary and just wastes fuel and time. The engine is designed to be operated immediately. It takes about 2 seconds for oil to circulate thru the engine even in the worst case coldest day so that is just not an issue. About the only case for waiting to "warm it up" is for the heater to work or the windshield defroster to come up to temp. And even then, the heat and defrost will warm up faster driving it.

I am not condoning hopping in on a cold day and starting the engine and flooring it to 100... just drive away normally and sanely and the engine and trans will function fine and warm up the best. Idling is absolutely not required. The Northstar engine is actually cold-protected against too high of an RPM as the heavy throttle upshifts will be forced sooner and there is a lower rev limiter on the engine until it warms up sufficiently so you really can't hurt it even if you try... The only thing to worry about here is the oil pressure cold on high RPM operation. That is why the rev limiter is lowered cold... so the oil pump cannot overpressurize the system with cold oil.