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Cadillac Timeline Summary

1903 - Cadillac Model A Runabout with rack-and-pinion steering, variable intake-valve timing debuts at the New York Auto Show. Powered by a single-cylinder 10-horsepower engine, it traveled at over 30 miles per hour and got 25 miles per gallon.
1905 - The Osceola was Cadillac's first concept car and featured the first fully-closed body. General Motors acquires Cadillac for $5,969,200.
1908 - Cadillac becomes the "Standard of the World" and the first American automobile manufacturer to win the Dewar Trophy.
1909 - Cadillac offers the world's first limousine.
1912 - Cadillac offers the Delco Electric Self-Starter; becomes the first and only company to win the Dewar Trophy twice.
1915 - Cadillac produced the first full-armored car; created the first mass-produced V8 engine - it was also the first engine to use thermostatically controlled water-cooling technology.
1922 - With innovations like the standard windshield wiper and rearview mirror, demand intensified with production exceeding over 20,000.
1924 - Cadillac pioneered the use of fast-drying Duco lacquer paints and offer over 500 color combinations while most competitors only offered black.
1926 - Cadillac becomes the first automobile manufacturer to develop a comprehensive nationwide service policy.
- Cadillac produces the world's first V-type 16-cylinder engine for passenger cars. It was smooth, quiet and powerful with 160 horsepower from 452 cubic inches.
1934 - Cadillac introduces the world's first independent front suspension on its entire line of automobiles.
1937 - The Cadillac Lasalle V8 set a new speed and endurance record at the Indianapolis 500 with an average speed of 82 miles per hour.
1938 - Cadillac introduces the first sunroofs in America: The Sunshine Turret Top
1940 - Cadillac introduces the first fully automatic transmission: The Hydra-Matic transmission.
1949 - The Cadillac Coupe DeVille introduced the world's first pillarless two-door hard top body style; Cadillac created their first overhead valve, high-compression V8 engine with 160 horsepower from 331 cubic inches.
1953 - The Cadillac Eldorado, America's dream car for a record 23 years, was introduced with the industry's first wrap-around windshield, the first signal-seeking automotive

. radio, and the Autronic Eye - the first automatic headlight dimmer. Other innovations were leather upholstery and chrome wire wheels.
1954 - Cadillac becomes the first auto manufacturer to offer power steering as standard equipment on its entire line of automobiles.
1957 - The Eldorado Brougham introduced the first quad headlamps, six-way power seats with memory, automatic door locks
, forged aluminum wheels and an air suspension.
1964 - Cadillac debuted with the industry's first automatic climate control system: Comfort Control; Cadillac debuted an industry-first "Twilight Sentinel" system which automatically turned the headlights off and/or on at dusk/sunrise.
1965 - Cadillac introduces automatic load leveling and tilt/telescopic steering wheels.
1967 - The Cadillac Eldorado perfects front-wheel drive with a smoother, quiter ride than other luxury cars of its day.
1969 - Cadillac introduces the industry's first closed cooling system, making overheated engines a thing of the past.
1971 - Cadillac offers "Track Master", an advanced, computerized rear-wheel skid-control braking system as optional equipment.
1974 - Cadillac pioneered the use of the air cushion restraint (air bag) system.
1975 - Cadillac becomes the first U.S. auto manufacturer to install electronic fuel injection and introduces the catalytic converter.
1978 - Cadillac becomes the first auto manufacturer to test digital computerization in cars.
1987 - The Cadillac Allante becomes America's first automobile to compete in the ultra-luxury market. This two seater was designed and built in Italy by the renowned coach-building firm of Pininfarina.
1988 - Cadillac is the first American luxury carmaker to implement a 24-hour, 365 day-a-year roadside service program.
1990 - The Cadillac Allante becomes the first front-wheel drive vehicle with electronic traction control.
1992 - Cadillac introduces the first 32-valve V8 engine (1993 model year): the Northstar
1999 - Cadillac offers the first automotive application of thermal-imaging technology: Night Vision.