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Classic Car Show in Witchurch-Stoffville Museum
When: Sunday August 8th, 2010

Where: Witchurch-Stouffville Museum

14732 Woodbine Ave, Stouffville, Ontario

Admission: $6 Per person or $15 for a family of 4. Children under 7 are free


Like fine wine and sharp cheese, the older a car gets the more we appreciate them. Maybe it’s because of the memories they bring back – saving all your pennies from your first job to get your first car, cruising on those hot summer nights when school’s out or simply because they don’t build them like they used too. No matter what the reason for your obsession with vintage vehicles, they are something to behold.

In celebration of what was, the Witchurch-Stoffville Museum hosts its 37th annual antique and classic car show this Sunday August 8, 2010